low-fi images of doodley pals and blurbs trapped in bound books & loose leaves that want a home, too (and so here they rest)
chronologically organized with most recent to bloom at top of page

 doodle diary

through the muck, turn the soil
 doodle diary

little play
 doodle diary

i want the world to hold each other ~~~~~~~ i want to be held by the world in a way that is real ~~~~~~~ i want fires to be made with the intention of giving and sustaining warmth ~~~~~~~ i want love to be held with intention


i want to intentionally hold love in the world, i want to intentionally be held in love by the world, i want to the world to hold itself intentionally in its presence and love at all moments

 doodle diary

just walking around the fire, saying hello to my friends

in collaboration with robert frank
 doodle diary

we met at pinnacle hill and cried together at sunset, or maybe it was just allergies
 doodle diary
a friend named curly

story sketch / late november isolation

"there was a friend named curly
who would wake up really early
to knit together string
by herself as she would sing,

'i really love sitting,
and spending my time knitting
hats and scarves and tops,
and sweaters and mittens and socks...

...but because i always sit,
and knit and knit and knit,
by myself and all alone,
it seems that i have no one
to wear the things i make,
because all i do while i'm awake,
is sit and sit and sit,
and knit and knit and knit.'

...so curly had no more room,
and sat there in a gloom.

...'but WAIT!' she said with glee,
'i have an idea for me:

i do not need a friend,
i have my very own head!
and arms and legs and feet,
all places that need more heat.'

and slowly, one by one,
curly tried to put on,
her sweater and scarves and knits,
all until they couldn't fit.

and curly sat back on her floor,
and knitted until there wasn't room again anymore."
 doodle diary cardstock, watercolor
birthday book
cardstock, watercolor

"on the day that you were born
there was a star that could have sworn
it saw a glimpse from far away
a flash of light too quick to stay.
it came and went, and with a sigh,
the star said, 'gee, wish I could have said hi.'
since then, on that day, every year,
the star's light wiggles into your ear,
or maybe your pinky, or maybe your knee,
it speaks to you in ways we can't see.
maybe this year you heard it too -
the star returning the hello to you."

you are both light and star
 doodle diary

new orleans
 doodle diary

the darkest black is a medium blue; shadows are just colors, too
 doodle diary

all you have is this torn off piece of paper and a set of hands to make marks on it
 doodle diary

tiny travels, big earth
 doodle diary

a field of grass is a tiny bug city forest
 doodle diary

words from the poetic piano ramblings of a rochester musician transcribed into visual vomit
 doodle diary

words from the poetic piano ramblings of a rochester musician transcribed into visual vomit
 doodle diary

 doodle diary

and sprouting
 doodle diary

keep breathing
 doodle diary

kiss the sun when you can, diminish the border between skin and air
 doodle diary

just your average everyday systematic brainwashing procedure
 doodle diary

how-to: winter
 doodle diary

sleep all day, nourish the subconscious
 doodle diary

willing whims to wane within the wearing of a weaved work
 doodle diary

little garden friends
 doodle diary

there they are, all of them
 doodle diary

the dirt and my bones, the last branch i grazed, the paper ink sits on: we are all hand-holding
 doodle diary

where's he come from? what's he doing? hello?
 doodle diary

weeee, wee, we- are swimming!
 doodle diary

dear friend