hey, alex! what's going on? what's happening? what are you doing while you're at SUNY Brockport finishing your degree in the Interdisciplinary Arts for Children program with a minor in Women and Gender Studies? what are you doing with your creative juices that are left after you do all of your assignments? oh, really, there's a page on your website I can look at now to see? NICE. 

A Seed of Desire at MuCCC (Multi-use Community Cultural Center)
Wednesday June 12th at 8pm

what noises do tiny particles of energy make? how do those sounds make us move and feel in our bodies? are we a particle or a wavelength? does a film projector emit light or tiny packets of sound and movement? can we feel the light on our bodies as a particle and wavelength?

come by MuCCC at 142 Atlantic Ave in Rochester, NY at 8pm on June 12th an evening of work by recent SUNY Brockport graduate choreographer Maureen Gorman who utilizes improvisation and agency of the dancers at the core of her practice. I have been collaborating with Mo in my endeavors with Super8 film, and I am honored to continue doing so on her piece Tiny Packets and other works to explore the relationship of embodying sound and light through movement and film. 

click here for tickets and more info! ~

StoryQuest at the Strong Museum of PLAY with the Renaissance Academy
Saturday May 4th 2019 at 2pm

Renaissance Academy 3rd-5th graders, fellow Brockport students and I will be on stage - from a retirement home to being sucked into a video game through a TV where dinosaurs are vegetarian and piles of laundry find joy in the way you stink! will we ever want to leave?
throughout the spring semester i have been involved in an after school program at the Renaissance Academy, a Rochester City School District arts integrated charter school, that develops an original theatrical play and performance through the creative process of improvisation and collaboration. the process honors and empowers the original ideas of the children and implements them into an unfolding story, facilitated by faculty at the RA. our final performance can be seen at the National Museum of Play located at 1 Manhattan Sq Dr in Rochester, NY at 2pm on May 4th. 

Super8 film screening at the Visual Studies Workshop
Saturday May 11th 2019 at 7pm

film is a beautiful and seductive thing - sparkly little particles and waves of energy and light peeking through a doorway and dancing with chemicals coated on a long spooled and winded sheet, that doorway opening and closing 18 times a second while the chemical'd sheet shifts along behind its movement. there is so much light everywhere around us and a tiny little toy gets to help in holding onto small variations of that light.
a new-to-me-medium, i am exploring what moments of light i want to hold onto and why in cartridges of Kodak Tri-X Reversal Super 8 film. i am learning that the beauty and love embedded in the light is important to hold on to.

come and view what little moments of light i want to share and what i have been exploring during my independent study at the VSW, alongside other students' works. projecting may 11th at 7pm at the Visual Studies Workshop located across from SOTA and kitty corner to the MAG on Prince Street in Rochester, NY. 

Peeled at The Owl House
March 4th til' sometime in the summer

fruit, fungus, refridgerators, friends, fuzzy things, all on display while people eat FOOD. new and old paintings of mine alongside Chlovia Loomis and Robert Frank's work at The Owl House located at 76 Marshall Street in Rochester, NY. grab a plate of their buffalo cauli wings while you're at it!

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